The News Media

A Documentary History



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Introduction: Why Study News Media History?

1  The Colonial Press, 1685-1765

2  The Press and the American Revolution, 1765-1783

3  The Party Press, 1783-1840

4  The Penny Press, 1833-1861

5  The Antebellum Press and the Slavery Issue, 1827-1861

6  Sectionalism and the Civil War, 1860-1865

7  The Press and Industrial America, 1865-1883

8  A New and Sensational Age, 1883-1914

9  The Muckrakers, 1901-1917

10  The Press and World War I, 1914-1919

11  Jazz Journalism, 1919-1929

12  The News Media and the Great Depression, 1929-1941

13  The News Media and World War II, 1935-1945

14  Changing Media in a Changing Society, 1945-1974

15  The Age of Television, 1974-Present

The News Media: A Documentary History tells the story of American journalism through the words of the men and women who made the history. This distinctive textbook includes more than 1,000 news stories, editorials, illustrations, and other documents. They have been selected to give students a true sense of the history of the American press. The authors provide introductions for each chapter and document, assuring that students have a coherent account and enough information to understand the context within which journalism history took place.

A teacher’s manual on a CD is available with adoption of the book. It includes PowerPoint presentations for classroom use, helpful aids for researching and writing historical papers and essays, and a variety of other items.

The suggested retail price is only $47.95 — less than half the price of most textbooks in the field and lower than for used copies of many.

Publishers’ suggested retail prices of textbooks in media history:

Sloan & Copeland, The News Media          $47.95

Crowley & Heyer, Communication in History         $112.00*

Folkerts, Teeter & Caudill, Voices of a Nation            $135.40*

Fellow, American Media History                            $141.95*

Ward, Mainstreams of American Media Hist              $144.60*

Emery, Emery & Roberts, Press and America         $155.40*

  1. *These prices are from the websites of the publishers in September 2011.


Wm. David Sloan and David A. Copeland are two of today’s preeminent journalism historians. They have written or edited a total of more than 60 books, including a number of anthologies of journalistic writing. Their vast knowledge assures that the selection of documents in The News Media makes for both interesting and insightful reading.

ISBN: 978-1-885219-42-8